Your First Shift: Do’s and Don’ts

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First days are nerve-wracking no matter where you are, whether it’s the first day at college, joining a new club, or moving in with new housemates. If your first shift at WrkWrk is rapidly approaching and you’re trying to mentally prepare – you’ve come to the right place. We’ve put together a couple of do’s and don’ts to make your first day go as smoothly as possible. You’ve got this!

DO: Make An Effort

Appearances aren’t everything – but it’s always important to show up to work looking neat and tidy. Make sure you’ve brushed your teeth and hair, that you smell fresh and clean, and that you have the correct uniform. Not only will you make a good impression, you’ll feel good about yourself too!

DON’T: Worry!

It’s natural to be a little nervous going into your first shift, but at WrkWrk, we choose clients who take care of our staff, and once you’ve got a positive attitude, you’ll be just fine. Take a few deep breaths and remember that every single member of the workforce had their first day once – and survived it!

DO: Show Up On Time

Being late is never a good look; you should always show up to your shifts on time. Ideally, we recommend giving yourself an extra five to ten minutes to take a breather, find the right entrance, and get clocked in, which leads us to the next thing…

DON’T: Forget To Clock In

When the start time for your shift is approaching, you’ll get a notification to clock in through the app. Don’t forget to do this – clocking in makes sure your hours are recorded, and you get paid! After all, we know you’re excited about working, but you’re not about to do it for free. (Are you?!)

DO: Introduce Yourself

It might be tempting to slip into the background and follow everyone else, but you should always try to introduce yourself to the manager or person in the position above you. A simple ‘Hi, I’m __, and I’m working for the first time at __ today’ will do the trick. While you’re at it, say hello to the people you’ll be working with – it’s good to connect with your teammates, and maybe you’ll even make a few friends!

DON’T: Be Afraid To Ask Questions

If you need help or aren’t sure of how to do something, ask someone! Your workmates will be happy to offer assistance where they can or point you in the right direction. Asking questions will help you to improve at what you’re doing and understand the work better – nobody will expect you to know everything straight away.

DO: Enjoy The Experience

While you’re busy working away, make sure to take in your surroundings and see how you feel about what you’re doing. Your first day will probably be a bit of a blur – so try to notice some details to reflect on later. Your first shift can help you to figure out what you do or don’t like doing, and help to shape which shifts you’ll choose next time. Most importantly, try to have a little fun!

DON’T: Sweat The Small Stuff

Everybody makes mistakes – so don’t worry too much if you trip up here or there. That’s what first days are for! Be open to learning from your mistakes and recognising that it might take a couple of days to get into the swing of things. You’ll be flying it in no time.

Do: Say Thank You

So, you made it to the end of your first shift – phew! On your way to clock out, say thanks to the people who helped you out on your first day or showed you the ropes. It’s a nice touch that will let people know you’re grateful for the learning opportunity – and maybe they’ll come looking for you to work the next time!

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