About Us

We're WrkWrk, and our mission is simple, we want to make shiftwork work for everyone.

Our app means that Wrkstars can see shifts near them, pick the ones that suit, and forget about work when they're not working.

Employers love it because it means they get staff who really want to work, and are ready to put in a great shift every shift.

Everybody wins.

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It’s not all about awards, but they are nice. Here’s a peek at our trophy cabinet.

Values that define us

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Balance is a buzzword, but it's a good buzzword. We know work is important, but it's not everything. That's why we never pressure anyone to take a shift.

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R.E.S.P. etc. We're protective of our Wrkstars and want them to be treated with respect at every job they show up for.

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We're not a family, but we are a team. Shiftwork works better when people work together.

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Not to get all Attenborough on you, but humans are communal animals. And since we exclusively employ and work for humans, we want them to feel like they're a part of something with WrkWrk.

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Enjoying what you do

We help our Wrkstars feel empowered by shift work, so they're motivated to put in a great shift every shift.

Meet our team

Making WrkWrk work takes work, luckily we’ve got the best team around. So whether you’re an employer or a Wrkstar you’re in good hands.
Hannah Wrixon
Hannah Wrixon


As recent winner of the Image Magazine Digital & Technology Business Woman of the Year 2019 and Network Ireland’s Business woman of the year Hannah Wrixon, CEO of Get the Shifts is committed to doing things a little differently. From innovative apps to a lively and fun culture, WrkWrk is shaking up the temp recruitment sector.

Our founder and CEO was born into this hospitality and entrepreneurial family, in 1975, and she had her first business at age 11, making stuffed toys – alas most are still in stock!

Hannah leads a team to bring this new and exciting approach to temp recruitment to Ireland.

Tristan Nelson

Head of Software Engineering

As our Head of Software Engineering, Tris likes to use lots of words the rest of us don't understand! Tris comes to us with a background in heading Digital Development and Delivery. He oversees our systems and app development, leveraging his wealth of experience to keep us always looking to the future.

Vivienne Crowley
Vivienne Crowley

Product Owner

Here at GTS HQ, Viv serves as a primary point of contact for the requirements of the product for the development team.
We like to make sure she has a constant supply of coffee and Diet Coke; a caffeinated Viv is a happy Viv!

Michelle McNamara
Michelle McNamara

Payroll Administrator

Michelle is our amazing Payroll & Accounts whiz! Be nice to her, she pays your wages!

Rachel Horrigan
Rachel Horrigan

Recruitment Administrator

Rachel's background includes hospitality, event management and the crazy world that is customer service! Here at GTS she tends to dip in and out of each department where needed.

As far as hidden talents go…"If I have one, I unfortunately haven’t found it yet! BUT…I still have time – I’m only young!"

Helen Seago
Helen Seago

Recruitment Administrator

Helen is originally from the UK where she became a commercial airbrush artist. She has years of experience in the hospitality and events sector working alongside Irish Heritage.

Helen is an energetic and creative person and is a qualified Sports Massage Therapist & Activity Coordinator who likes to run, hike, and go sailing. She can often be found in the garden when not at her desk.

Ridmy Niluka
Ridmy Niluka

Junior Technical Manager

Originally from Sri Lanka Ridmy is a tech genius, from managing our development team to keeping our apps in top shape. Ridmy does it all!

Ridmy manages the development of the GTS apps & system. She is passionate about exploring technical solutions for everyday business issues.

She cannot live without tea and is into camping & travelling when not working in office. Also a secret table tennis champion!

Ashlee Francis

Business Development Lead

Ashlee has over 13 years’ recruitment experience in Australian and European markets focusing on blue collar workers.

Michael Funk
Michael Funk

Recruitment Administrator

Michael is the recruitment team's resident fashionista and pageant mom-to-be.

Originally from Canada, Michael’s experience spans various hospitality and event management positions. Now settled in Galway with his husband and adorably evil cat Róisín, Michael is fluent in sarcasm and is responsible for keeping the team laughing throughout the day!

Vanessa Acuna
Vanessa Acuna

Placements Administrator

Originally from Venezuela, Vanessa is the office's ray of sunshine. With a passion for dancing and Italian food, Vanessa is always smiling, positive, and happy to help.

Now living in Co. Clare with her private chef husband and son, Vanessa is our placements administrator and helps to keep us all organised!

Kate Crowe

Social Media Marketing

Kate is WrkWrk's digital marketing ninja and social media wizard. Her background includes hospitality and event management.

Kate's favourite emojis are ? & ? and you'll rarely find her without snacks (or her camera) nearby! Her motto is "have snacks, will travel"

Sam Driver
Sam Driver

Marketing Executive

Sam is a Marketing Executive for FRS Recruitment. He completed his Bachelor of Business in Marketing from MTU Cork in 2021, and has been working for FRS Recruitment since shortly after, starting his role in November 2021. Sam loves to work with people and likes to partake in creative projects, particularly those that highlight the unique aspects of a brand.

We‘re WrkWrk

People often ask us “Why do we get out of bed in the morning?”

It’s because we’ve got a goal. And that goal is to change shiftwork forever.

For too long it’s been too demanding. Too frustrating. Too ungrateful. But we’ve fixed all that. We make shiftwork work for everyone.

Make it easy. Make it feel human “in a good way”. No more losing sleep over it. No more cancelling plans because of it. And once you’ve got all the work stuff sorted, life just feels a whole lot easier.

And when life is easy, people are happy to work hard. When happy people work hard, that radiates. And when those happy, radiating people get instant pay, and commitment–free work, it’s easy to find the right people for the right shifts and the right shifts for the right people, every time.

So before you ask yourself what gets you out of bed in the morning, roll right over on to the cool side of the pillow and go back to sleep. Today’s your day off. But when you have to work, you gotta go to WrkWrk.

We are always looking for people to join our team. If you're creative, hard-working, and don't heat tuna in communal microwaves, keep an eye out for vacancies.