Which Shifts Fill Fastest, and How To Be First!

Go, go, go!

Here at WrkWrk we’re proud of the variety of shifts we offer, and we believe that all shifts are created equal *cough*.

However, we get it if some shifts might be a little more appealing to you than others. I mean, we staffed Harry Styles this Summer; we get it. Let’s take a look at which of our shifts fill the fastest, and how you can get in there first. Ready, set…

Concerts and Festivals

This one is self explanatory; our Wrkstars love music! One of the best parts about working at a gig is getting to listen to the music while you work, and be a part of the buzz that surrounds music events.

Sport Events

Similar to concerts and festivals, sporting events are highly coveted by all of our sporty Wrkstars, who want to be a part of the action on big match days or awards ceremonies.

Promotion Work

Promo work is popular because it’s one of the more relaxed and sociable shifts. You might get to meet interesting new people, learn more about a brand you like, or share samples of an exciting new product. These shifts are fun and interesting, and therefore quick to go.

High-End Shifts

Shifts at some of our fancier locations tend to be snapped up because the wage per hour is that little bit higher. Hey, we’re not judging; you get that paper!

Shifts in The City

We have Wrkstars dotted all around the country, but our staff are most concentrated in Dublin, Limerick, Galway and Cork, so shifts in these areas are likely to be nabbed in no time at all. You’ve gotta move fast!

So How Can I Get There First?

It might sound as though there are hundreds of Wrkstars with their fingers hovering over their phones ready to steal away your next shift, but we promise it’s not that intense. When it comes to being quick on the uptake and getting the shifts you want, consistency is key!

Try to check your WrkWrk app regularly to keep on top of which shifts are available to you. Our most active Wrkstars are the ones who check the app every day and use the map to explore work in different areas.

Another way to stay alert is to follow our socials. We keep our Wrkstars updated on our Instagram and send out emails in advance of upcoming shifts that we know will be popular. Follow our posts and check in with your emails to be ahead of the curve!

Our last tip to optimise the shifts you get is to keep on working.

Not every single shift on our app is available to every Wrkstar; some shifts are advertised only to the staff with the relevant experience. By building your work experience and being more proactive on the app, your profile will grow to receive more job opportunities. Plus, you’ll be learning new skills all the time – it’s a win-win.

To Download our new app and start working shifts:

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