What you need to be a Wrkstar

Aside from a winning smile..

So, you’ve finally decided to join the Wrkforce and pick up some shifts – we’re delighted to have you! But hey, nothing in life comes easy, so there’s a couple of things you’ll need in order to get started. (We’re joking – it’s seriously easy. We just like to play hard to get.) Check out our quick and simple list which outlines the seven things you’ll need in order to be a Wrkstar. It’s easy peasy lemon squeezy.

1. A Mobile Phone

Brrring Brrring. It’s for you!
Because WrkWrk is app-based, you’ll need a smartphone to access our platform. Make sure push notifications are switched on, so you don’t miss any exciting shift opportunities while you’re four hours deep scrolling on TikTok. No judgement! (Just make sure you follow us there, too).

2. A Work Visa

Although we’d love to hire every great worker under the sun, we can only offer work to those of you who have permission to work in Ireland. You’ll need a valid GNIB or working visa to apply to work with us.

3. A Bank Account

This one is self-explanatory. How else are you gonna get your sweet, sweet paycheck after every shift?! We pay our Wrkstars directly into their bank accounts every two weeks.

4. A Reference

For Wrkstars who have previous work experience, you’ll need a reference. This is the phone number and email address of a previous employer. While we’re sure that everyone you’ve ever worked with thought you were just fabulous, we have to make sure you didn’t pour a drink over someone’s head in the last place. We’ll ask for your reference during your sign-up process on the app.

5. An Interview

To fulfil your lifelong destiny of becoming a Wrkstar, you’ll need to pass an interview. What’s coolest about this part of the process, is that it’s on your terms. You can choose to meet one of our recruiters over a video call and have a face-to-face interview, or to record yourself answering our interview questions for our recruiters to review when you’re finished!

6. Training

To make sure all of our Wrkstars are up to scratch, we’ll require you to undergo some training. The best part? It’s totally free! We offer training in all the areas you’ll need to work with our clients. It’s fully remote, so you can even do it in your pyjamas. Just make sure to pay close attention – you might be asked some questions at the end!

7. A Good Attitude

Okay, okay, it’s a little cliché – but it’s true! If you want to be a Wrkstar, the most important thing you need is a good attitude. We’re all about personality, and we love our Wrkstars to be confident, bubbly, and excited to work. If you don’t have previous work experience but can show us that you’ve got a great vibe, we’ll bring you on board. Hey, we told you it’s easy.

To Download our new app and start working shifts:

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