A Students WrkWrk Work Week

So, you have class all week, an exam to cram for next Tuesday, and you’re coaching matches all weekend… you’re up to 90, but you still have to buy groceries and chip away at rent. How are you going to manage?

Ahh the university years, they’ll be some of the best (and busiest) of your life, but amidst the full class schedules (and the “extracurriculars”) you still have to make an income to help you through. This can seem like an impossible task. Finding employment that is willing to work around your schedule can be harder than hunting for unicorn (DISCLAIMER: WrkWrk in no way supports the hunting/poaching of unicorns!)

That’s where we slide in… WrkWrk gives YOU the keys to the kingdom; you decide when, where and how much you want to work. You can tailor your work schedule around classes, family, and anything else you got going on!

So, what does a work week at WrkWrk look like you ask? Well, it looks like whatever you want to make it!

Monday – You could be pulling pints in a cosy local.

Wednesday – Stewarding at a sold out concert.

Friday – Ushering lamas around a social media event (no joke, this actually happened.)

Saturday/Sunday – Fancy a weekend off? Go on then, you earned it!

At WrkWrk we’re busy even when you aren’t, meaning that we have lots on offer in times when students aren’t hitting the books, such as winter break and summer holidays. Want to try your hand at a “boho” summer chasing festivals around Ireland? Or maybe you’re in an unpaid internship and need a side hustle to help get you through? WrkWrk is here to get you through the academic year and beyond. Sign up today for the most flexible way of wrking in Ireland! Download the app and check us out.

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