What it’s like to Work a shift in the Aviva Stadium

So you want to work a match day shift. Well you’re in luck, as I have the fir-t hand experience of working there to share with you.

The Aviva stadium has a feeling of magic to it, a buzz in the air. Not something you would normally find in your work day. Something about it makes it not feel like work at all. Make sure to arrive at least 20 minutes early to your shift (trust me, it’s worth it), have your uniform correct, and bring something warm, as you will be outside for some periods of time. Also, make sure you figure out which side of the stadium you are going to, so you don’t waste a full 20 minutes walking a lap around like I did!

When you arrive, you will first meet a WrkWrk representative on the street outside (exact details on who & where will be listed in your shift details). Once you get your sign-in sheet, it’s time to head inside. Don’t forget to sign in for your shift on the WrkWrk app! Once in you will be given a pullover to wear during your shift, and a packed lunch. (A water bottle, apple, sandwich and a bar. Proper school lunch style!) You will be directed to where you will be working at this point. In my case, it was a bar on the opposite side of the stadium.

Now, if you took my advise, you don’t have to be at your work station for another good few minutes, which means you will have ample time to explore an almost empty Aviva Stadium. Lucky you. In the elevator, head up to the top floor for a fantastic view, and an excellent photo opportunity (send us your best ones please!) you can walk the perimeter of the pitch in peace, and all around the inside corridors of the stadium. It’s quite the adventure.

When you get to your bar, (if working a bar shift) you will have plenty of time before people actually start to arrive. This time is used to learn how to do the job. It’s pretty straightforward, you will have the knack of it in 5 minutes! In my case, I was working at the front of the bar, taking payments for drinks (card only) through a tablet. The “pourers” work behind you, filling up the pints from a machine so they are ready for you to serve. Once you are clear on what to do, have some fun meeting your team before things kick off.

When the crowds start coming, they will come fast. This time will fly by, as people quickly take their seats for the start of the game. I was working for Ireland vs Italy, as part of the rugby Six Nations. As a big rugby fan, I was excited to watch the game myself. My bar was right at the corner of the pitch, which made it easily accessible. I went on my 20 minute break right at kick-off, and got a pitch-side view. Now that the game had started, the bar was a lot quieter. We even had the game on on a screen in front of us. Another rush came at half time, after which, we close the bar. After a quick clean up we were back out to watch most of the second half. Brilliant game.

Once the game ended and crowds dispersed, it was time for a final clean up of the plastic glasses around our section of the stadium seats. It didn’t take long before we had it spotless, once we took out the bins our shift supervisor signed us off and we were free to go. Don’t forget to sign out on the app!

Overall my experience was great! I watched most of the game, met some cool people, and was paid within seven days. On my way out of the stadium, I even got to meet Irish rugby legend Brian O’Driscoll! Safe to say it was one of the best days of work I have had.

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