Event Managers – We feel your stress levels

Event Managers, the ‘all seeing orbs’ of the hospitality industry, they truly are a rare and special breed! I challenge you to find a single one who doesn’t have an emergency supply of Panadol tucked away for the guaranteed stress headaches throwing the perfect event can induce.

The client wants an outdoor wedding in March? *stress level 3/10* 150 guests are expected, but your supplier only brought half the chairs you rented? *stress level 6/10.*  5 of the 10 bartenders you sourced caught covid at the same pub 2 days before the event? *stress level 9/10 – headache incoming! *

While we have yet to figure out how to control the weather (we’re working on it, but these things take time) or ensure suppliers deliver the correct goods, there is one thing your friends at WrkWrk can provide to lessen the burden: experienced, reliable staff! Whether you need 30 bartenders for multiple event bars, or maybe just a couple wait staff to cover those who cancelled, our Wrkstars can help make your dreams of a successful event a reality.

The benefit of what we do isn’t to merely supply you with cream of the crop hospitality professionals, but to also take care of all the drudgery that comes with fresh staff. We take care of payroll, revenue and all the other office administration, to free you up to focus on your event priorities…like trying to figure out how to keep the ice sculptures from melting!

Yes, yes, yes! Now how do I get these miracle workers, you ask? Well… there’s an app for that ?. Simply download the ‘WrkWrk for business’ app, available in Google Play and the App Store, and create an account from your smartphone. After that, all you need to do is tell us what position(s) you are seeking to fill, how many, when, and how much you want to pay them, then POOF… they magically appear on your doorstep, ready and raring to go!

Put your Panadol away this summer. Instead, rest easy knowing WrkWrk is here to help you make your next event a roaring success!