So…. You’ve decided to Move to Ireland

So…. You’ve decided to Move to Ireland, have you? You cancelled the cable bill, kissed your mom goodbye and left your country. Whether your coming from as far a field as Brazil or just did a quick breast stroke from the coast of Portugal, moving can be an exciting – and let’s face it – a sometimes daunting experience. No need to panic though. You’re a smart cookie (that’s why you’re here checking us out!) and with a little guidance and a couple pointers, you’ll be living your Irish fantasy in no time!

The Checklist – Some essentials to start with.

✔️Find a job – easy peasy, we’ve got an app for that! ?

✔️PPS number – We can supply you with a letter to assist in the process.

✔️Bank account – done and done, we offer pain free payment through Revolut!

✔️Find the best pint of Guiness – since you’ll be deciding your own schedule, you’ll have   plenty of time for the important things in life!

The Paperwork Bit – Don’t sweat it, its easier than you think!

When I left Canada for Ireland in 2015, things were a bit different than they are now. I spent a very cold, wet night sitting (and seriously dissecting the life choices that got me there) outside the government administration office on Parnell Street in Dublin, waiting for 9:00am so that I could get my PPS number (Personal Public Service Number). I may have been first in line, but in a matter of hours there were hundreds behind me.

Luckily for you, the times have changed! With the correct documents the whole process can now be done easily online (for more information on what is needed is an excellent resource!) Unfortunately getting a bank account can still make even the most stoic amongst us want to bang their head against a wall. Utility bills, proof of address, the secret to eternal youth — all those things that take considerable time to accrue are still required. Thankfully WrkWrk has found a way to bypass what was once a very unpleasant rite of passage. We offer the option for our Wrkstars to be paid through Revolut ( A Revolut account can be opened in minutes and isn’t bound to the same regulations as a traditional bank, you will however still need your PPS number!

The Exciting Bit – Let fun begin!

Maybe you came here for the green rolling hills, frosty pints, or for the friendliest people in Europe! (hey, don’t just take my word for it; Perhaps you came to study English, or to get in touch with your long-lost Irish heritage. Whatever the reason, WrkWrk gives you the flexibility to earn while you do it. Through our app you can see shifts nationwide and then choose when, where, and how much want to work. You make your own schedule, instead of being chained to somebody else’s.

Ireland may only be 290 miles from point to point, but it is packed with so much history, culture, breath-taking scenery, and sheep (bahhh!) that you need to be out there experiencing it. Life is for living, after all! WrkWrk affords you that freedom. Start your wrking adventure today!

Michael Funk

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