How To Efficiently Manage Your Staff

Lead by Example 

In any working relationship, success lies in trust and respect. Staff will look for guidance, and it’s just as important to get ‘stuck in’ with your staff. A good manager should never appoint tasks that they haven’t already done themselves. Don’t create a divide if it’s not necessary, remember that staff are there to work towards your goal, not achieve your goal for you.


In order to get the most out of staff, it is crucial to communicate clearly with them on all things from what is expected of them to what is going on in the company while also allowing them to feel able to communicate their feedback, questions or concerns with you. When a clear line of communication is opened, staff become motivated and driven to perform as there is a sense of belonging.


While it is necessary to let staff know if standards have dropped, it is also highly important to acknowledge a job well done. When staff are recognised for their hard work, it can further motivate not only the staff involved but others, creating a positive work environment where staff feel valued.

Be Decisive

To manage effectively, there must be a manager. Staff need to look up to someone who they know will make a decision if needed and stick to it. If you choose to sit on a fence, this only communicates to staff that nothing will be done when a decision needs to be made, so why bother?

Get to know them 

Staff are made up of a number of individuals, so it’s important to make the effort to get to know each of them. Something as simple as addressing them by their name without having to look at their name badge goes a long way in terms of motivation and creates a sense of team. It’s also important to get to know their individual strengths so you can then make better delegation decisions.

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