Christmas is Coming: Whether you need Staff or Cash, WrkWrk can help!

Anyone who has worked in hospitality knows that we are in silly season and it is only going to get worse (and by worse we mean busier) from now until long after the big man in red is tucked up in his bed for a well deserved rest!

This is the first restriction free Christmas in a while and we fully expect that everyone is going to make the most of it but it doesn’t come without issues. There is a hospitality staff shortage in Ireland and it is having a huge effect on our beloved industry!

Well, this is where WrkWrk steps in, we have thousands of Wrkstars (we call them that because they are like Rockstars but they have to work) who are experienced, trained and ready to earn the extra few bob needed to buy Mammy a decent present (for once!) Temp workers by another, better name!

It’s simple – download the app, browse and book your Wrkstars and our system will do the rest. You can get on with the business of running the show!

You can send all your requirements including uniform, expectations and even where to leave their coats so our amazing Wrkstars are arriving ready to go.

So how does our agency have Wrkstars in the face of this staff shortage I hear you cry….At WrkWrk we offer the most flexible way of working in Ireland today. Our Wrkstars choose shifts that suit them and that they are available for. They are not rostered and do not have to accept a minimum number of shits, our app works around them ensuring that you get Wrkstars  that want to be there and do a great job.

Download the app and check us out, we are like the safety net you never knew you needed!

To Download our App:

Wrkstar App: App Store , Play Store

Client App: App Store , Play Store

Hannah Wrixon


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