Our Story

Storytime. We hope you’re sitting comfortably.

WrkWrk was started by Hannah Wrixon. Hannah and her team had been running Get The Shifts, a platform that was bringing a human approach to shift work.  And because humans like human approaches, it was working. But it was hard.
Get The Shifts had made shiftwork into a way for workers to find decent work that fit around their life, and a way for employers to fill shifts fast, while knowing they’d get trustworthy pre-vetted staff.
But doing that meant lots of time making phone calls, fielding emails, and making sure everybody was getting what they wanted out of shiftwork. So the GetTheShifts team were kept busy, and as the business grew, so did the workload.

So when the Get The Shifts team joined forces with Colin Donnery of FRS Recruitment, they decided that to really make a change they’d have to break the mould. That meant a whole new way of doing shiftwork that (say it with us) made it work for everyone.

And that’s what they did. They made an app to take the hassle out of shift work for Wrkstars, employers, and the team running the business. Then that app needed a name, and a look, and a website, and a copywriter (that’s me ).

Then you came along, clicked on this website, (hopefully) liked what you saw and now is the part where we all live happily ever after.