7 Benefits Of Hiring Temporary Staff

There are multiple benefits to using WrkWrk – where to start! At our core, we value customer service and experience, and we always go the extra mile to ensure that your peace of mind is a priority for us.

1. Efficiency

If you have an unexpected or unplanned vacancy in your business, you can simply pick up the phone and access the WrkWrk app. Then we’ll have someone in your office tomorrow morning to take control of the open role.

Finding someone permanent could take weeks or months, which is time-consuming, stressful and costly to your business. Instead of overloading your existing staff when emergencies arise, use temp staff to fill in until your regular workers come back, rested and healthy.

2. No Risk

At WrkWrk, all of our Wrkrs are pre-vetted and insured by us. We interview and reference check each applicant before they make our team of Wrkrs, ensuring a high-quality, experienced workforce with Visa and Right to Work checks done by us as standard. Which means no surprises for you and minimal risk. 

3. Cost Effective

With WrkWrk software, you only pay for the actual hours worked, and we pay the candidate through our payroll, so there is no need to worry about admin or timesheets. Plus, there’s no additional hidden costs – the hourly rate is all inclusive of candidate hourly rate, holiday pay, bank holiday pay, employers PRSI, payroll administration charges and margin

4. Gives Employees a Break

Being short-staffed is tough on everyone in the workplace. By hiring temp staff that can step in and take on some of the work, you can significantly reduce the stress on your permanent workers. Having another set of hands to take on cumbersome tasks, look after admin or answer phones, it gives your team additional time to carry on with their work and to pick up any projects that may have been side-lined due to lack of time. 

5. Manage the Highs and Lows

Every business has busy and quiet periods, or maybe your business is seasonal, or you just need an extra staff member once in a while to cover promotions. By strategically using temp staff, you can keep your workforce at the perfect size at all times and avoid overworking or underworking your employees.

6. Increase Morale

Introducing a temp employee can bring new life and energy to your business as well as relieve stress as previously mentioned. Often bringing a new personality into your team can enthuse your employees, increase productivity and bolster creativity.

7. Find Specialized Skills

Existing team members are probably well-suited for their positions, with their skills and experience matching their job descriptions. However, sometimes short-term projects or new areas of business or even brainstorming can require a skillset that existing employees do not have. Using WrkWrk, you can temporarily hire someone with the required skills (marketing, analytics, etc.). 

Get in touch today to find out how we can help take the pain, the hassle and the ‘O’ out of work.

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