5 Signs Your Team Is Burning Out – And How Wrk Wrk Can Help!

It’s easy to hear all the talk about burnout today and blow it off as something that doesn’t apply to you or your team. However, in order to lead a successful team, you must recognise just how prevalent burnout is and take appropriate steps to overcome and prevent it. 

Following on from the pandemic, many of us are working from home or taking on tasks that we wouldn’t usually do. There are some clear signs you, as employers, can look out for in overworked or burnt out staff.

The Signs

  1. Poor performance → lack of attention to detail or small changes in their work performance.
  2. Absenteeism → may find they are taking more sick days, leaving early, or arriving late. A recent study found that burnt out employees are 63% more likely to take a sick day.
  3. Poor customer feedback → this is where it starts to really impact your business externally, customers noticing poor service from your employees.
  4. Working long hours → Opposite approach to absenteeism, clear sign there is too much or a workload for a standard day resulting in very minimal switching off time from work.
  5. Revealing statements → “I live here” OR “Wish I could go on a holiday”, these are often said jokingly however are a distress signal and sign of resentment.

The Solution

There are many benefits in hiring temp staff, as outlined in our previous blog ‘7 Benefits of Hiring Temporary Staff‘.

By hiring temp staff that can step in and take on some of the work, you can significantly reduce the stress on your staff. By having another set of hands to take on a cumbersome tasks, look after admin or answer phones, it gives your team additional time to carry on with their work and to pick up any projects that may have been side-lined due to lack of time. 
Additionally, temp staff can be used to cover holiday or sick leave, meaning you’ll never be understaffed again!

We have an army of pre-vetted Sales & Marketing, Hospitality, Office and Industrial staff ready to help when you need it! From admin staff, call centre staff, customer service/support, data entry, order processing, campaign management, Social Media Marketing, warehouse operatives, waiters and baristas, we have an extensive talent pool in our existing database.

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