WrkWrk Data Breach

We wish to inform you that WRK WRK have recently been a victim of a cyber attack in which a number of documents including personal data contained in cv’s, contract of employment and documents uploaded by candidates to the WrkWrk client app or WrkStar app  were accessed by a hacker through a breach of our system coding in the development (test) environment. A number of files were deleted and possibly copied, fortunately, no sensitive special category data or ppsn’s were affected and data in the live environment was not affected.  The breach could potentially lead to loss of confidentiality of personal data and the possibility of identity fraud. 

The technical platform is being constantly assessed and updated, at the time of the breach a range of addition layers of security were being added in the form of improved firewall protection, more granular access control and improved monitoring. In the light of this breach additional changes are being implemented to the programmatic layer of the application to further improve security.

You may want to check the WrkWrk Client App or the WrkStar App and also check that the documents you uploaded have not been negatively impacted.  You have the option to delete your documents and resubmit if you still wish to continue working with us.

For further information or to discuss your concerns please contact [email protected]

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